Rearing Orgyia larva

Julie K Stahlhut julie.stahlhut at
Mon Jun 28 19:12:35 EDT 1999

I found a caterpillar which I believe to be _Orgyia leucostigma_; it was
sitting placidly in a flowerbox full of geraniums and impatiens near my
lab today.  It's about 3 cm long; I've taken it home and given it a
choice of leaves, and it seems to be content to feed on maple.

Does anyone here have any experience in rearing this species?  Here are
my two main questions:

*  What are its pupation requirements (soil, leaves, twigs, etc.)?   My
copy of Covell says it's double-brooded, and I've never seen an _Orgyia_
larva much larger than the one I have now, so I would expect pupation
soon, and an adult later this summer, assuming it's healthy and

*  Also, I understand that if it is female, the adult will be wingless.
I'm planning to release the adult.  If it's a female, where should I put
her (tree trunk, soil, leaves, etc.)?

Thanks much in advance!


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