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Nigel Venters venters at
Wed Jun 30 11:18:52 EDT 1999

Neil Jones <Neil at> writes:

>>Captive breedng can bring its own problems. How on earth do you put a
ring on a caterpillar.:-)

But why would you need to? Do you ring them at present? (No don't answer
that the answer would probably yes!) ;-))
> Perhaps you can produce evidence to substantiate this? I do not recall
> seing any press release on the subject........

Oh well then if you never saw it I must have been mistaken! ....It was in
one of the Sunday papers on wildlife having a tough time in general (I
agree!) and mentioned that volunteers would be patrolling a certain area in
Cumbria to prevent collectors... etc.etc.... (May have been the year before

>>Perhaps you are confusing it with the press release on the Marsh
Fritillary which was given legal
> protection last year?

Hardly likely to be confused.... I have bred both these species for a
number of years! (Oh and I also make the livestock available to others
through British Rare Breeds society)

>> For some people it is the pleasure of the hunt that matters.

The hunt wouldn't matter if there were plenty for all! (Birds, reptiles,

Listen.....enough of this.... I read some extremely sensible newsgroup
suggestions by a number of different contributors recently on how we all
need each other to raise the general interest in Butterflies amongst the
population, and I couldn't agree more. All the time you knit pick away
every time I choose (For amusement!) to see if I can make you jump out of
your box gets us nowhere! We can all argue amongst ourselves and watch
while a new housing estate is built over another colony of endangered

 By the way... I live in an area of Hampshire near where one of the largest
colonies of English Marsh Fritillaries once lived..... all now buried under
a new housing estate in the mid 1980's. So last years full protection was a
bit late in my view...still better late than never!! As you may (Or may
not?) know the marsh fritillary is one of the easiest butterflies in the
world to breed..... I rest my case!
Ready to pop out again? 

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