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There is quite a bit of information available on oviposition site choice. A
good reference is as follows. The rest of the book has lots of interesting
reading as well. University libraries should have the book.
Chew, F. S. and R. K. Robbins. 1984. Egg laying in Butterflies. pp. 65-79 In
Vane-Wright, R. I. and P. R. Ackery (eds.). 1984. The Biology of
Butterflies. Symposium of the Royal Entomological Society of London Number
11. London, Academic Press. xxiv + 429 pp.

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Subject: oviposition site quality

G'day all,

Yesterday I was observing a _Pachliopta aristolochiae_ ovipositing on a
_Citrus sp _(probably _C. mitis_) outside my house (southern Thailand).
Upon inspection of the plant I noticed it also had MANY larvae of MANY
different development stages feeding on it. This makes me wonder if
there has been any work done (I'm sure there has) on whether and how
females are able to access the quality of the oviposition site prior to
oviposition. I am aware that parasitic Hymenoptera are quite good at this
but know very little about butterflies (I'm really a spider person).


Robert Cunningham

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