Rabbitbrush Hot Now in SE Arizona

Hank & Priscilla Brodkin hankb at theriver.com
Wed Nov 10 17:58:42 EST 1999

Upon the advice of Rich Bailowitz we checked the rabbitbrush
(Chrysothamnus) on the road into Coronado National Memorial from SR92 in
Palominos, Cochise County Arizona.
The best area seemed to be in a public target shooting area (don't go on
holidays or weekends and of course don't get between the shooters and
their targets).  This is quite a large area at the bottom of the wash
just north of the entrance road after it turns west and shortly before
the entrance to the Memorial.
Many individuals of 24 species were seen nectaring - though the bloom
appears to be past its prime:

Checkered white (Pontia protodice)
Orange Sulphur (Colias eurytheme)
Southern Dogface (C. cesonia)
Mexican Yellow (Eurema mexicanum)
Tailed Orange (E. proterpia)
Sleepy Orange (E. nicippe)
Dainty Sulphur (Nathalis iole)
Gray Hairstreak  (Strymon melinus)
Leda Ministreak (Ministrymon leda)
Ceraunus Blue (Hemiargus ceraunus)
Reakirt's Blue (H. isola)
American Snout (Libytheana carinenta)
Varigated Fritillary (Euptoieta claudia)
Texan Crescent (Phyciodes texana)
American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis)
Common Buckeye (Junonia genoveva)
Queen (Danaus gilippus)
Mournful Duskywing (Erynnis tristis)
Funereal Duskywing  (E. funeralis)
White/Common Checkered Skipper (Pyrgus albescens/communis)
Desert Checkered-Skipper (Pyrgus philetes)
Orange Skipperling (Copaeodes aurantiacus)
Pahaska Skipper (Hesperia pahaska)
Eufala Skipper (Lerodea eufala)
skipper sp?

	             Hank & Priscilla Brodkin
	          Carr Canyon, Cochise County, AZ
                    Lat: 31.450, Long: 110.267
             SouthEast Arizona Butterfly Association

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