Biston betularia

Doug Yanega dyanega at
Fri Nov 19 14:50:06 EST 1999

>our Museum is planning to build a display where to show the effect of
>mimicry on Biston betularia selection by birds. We found in our
>entomological collections
>quite a lot of white morphs but a single dark one. Does anybody know where
>we could purchase, for a reasonable price, about 10-20 specimens of dark B.
>betularia ?

You should be aware that some recent publications have challenged whether
there is any *evidence* to support the claim of selection by birds on these


It's hard to be certain whether this is entirely a legitimate criticism, or
just someone trying to stir up controversy by science-bashing, but there is
clearly *some* truth to it (i.e., no one ever has observed birds picking
the moths off of trees).


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