Monarch Butterflies

Paul Cherubini paul at
Thu Nov 18 14:12:07 EST 1999

Sunsol wrote:
> Where do the Monarch over winter in the Bay Area?  Please be as specific as
> possible so I can find them.  Specifically on the San Leandro Golf course
> (or other golf course), which hole, fairway, tee, green and which direction?
> On Albany Hill which street and which directon?  Thanks.  SUNSOL

>From North to South:

1. Point Pinole Regional Park, Richmond, CA. Owing to the huge acreage of eucalyptus 
trees at this location, it is necessary to obtain a map and specific directions to the butterfly 
trees from a park ranger.

2. UC California Richmond Field Station, Richmond, CA .Drive straight into the complex,
way past the guard shack to a point where the road begins to curve to the left. Park at this 
point and walk into the eucalyptus grove on your left. On a sunny day you should see flyers 
and eventually locate the clusters. 

3. Albany Hill, Albany, CA. Drive and/or hike to the highest point on the hill, then walk 
south of the summit, slightly beyond where there is a large religious cross. Now look 
westward and walk slightly downhill to the west. It is in this area that the butterflies cluster.

4. University Village, Berkeley, CA. The butterflies cluster in the pines and other trees at the 
east end of the "Village" close to San Pablo Ave.

5. Berkeley Marina, Berkeley, CA  The butterflies cluster in the pines immediately north of 
the southernmost parking lot on the marina.

6. George Corson Golf Course, Alameda, CA. The butterflies cluster in a row of tall 
eucalyptus trees at the southeast corner of the golf course, fairly close to Doolittle Drive.

7. San Leandro Marina Golf Course, San Leandro, CA. The butterflies here also cluster in a 
row of tall eucalyptus trees at the southeast corner of the golf course. Guided tours to the 
butterflies are led each Saturday.

8. Sky West Golf Course, San Lorenzo, CA: Off limits to the public, unless you bring your 
golf clubs and pay the green fee! Biggest monarch site in the bay area. Butterflies cluster in a 
clump of eucalyptus trees directly west of the main "club house".

9. Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont, CA Butterflies in the eucalyptus trees in the 
Coyote Hills. A long hike.

10. Ardenwood State Historic Farm, Fremont, CA  Rangers or naturalists can direct you to 
the specific butterfly trees. Naturalist guided tours on weekends.

11. NewPark Mall, Fremont, CA. Butterflies are in a large clump of eucalyptus trees 
directly west of the shopping mall.

Since you are located (I think) in Berkeley, Calif. I think the nearest site to you with fairly 
good numbers of monarchs right now will be at the UC Calif. Richmond Field Station site.  

Paul Cherubini, Placerville, Calif.

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