Biston betularia

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E.B. Ford in his Ecological Genetics, second edition, in pages 252-257
discusses Kettlewell's experiment in great detail.  Birds definitely
were observed to take B. betularia.


mothman wrote:
> Doug Yanega's comment that "no one ever has observed birds picking the moths
> off of the trees" may be true for California but such predation has been
> observed and reported by Kettlewell in England. I recall seeing a 'photo
> (taken by Kettlewell) of a European Robin (nothing like the American
> variety) taking a Biston betularia off a tree trunk. I can't find the
> orignal paper but E.B. Ford gives a graphic account of the bird predation on
> betularia in his classic MOTHS (1955), p.204.
> Tony
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> >It's hard to be certain whether this is entirely a legitimate criticism, or
> >just someone trying to stir up controversy by science-bashing, but there is
> >clearly *some* truth to it (i.e., no one ever has observed birds picking
> >the moths off of trees).
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