Mark Walker MWalker at
Tue Nov 23 17:49:14 EST 1999

John Grehan wrote:

> Since the experiments are agnostic with respect to that issue 
> (of a guided
> hand) it
> would seem that Mark Walker should have no problem with evolution
> with respect to this since the science of evoltuion makes no assertion
> either way.
> A guided moth or unguided moth is ok with me.

Interesting point, John.  It was my (probably unguided) assumption that all
theories of evolution were built upon the assumption that the only
underlying mechanisms involved are purely stochastic.  As much as this is
untrue, then you at least have made a point that may be valid for a great
number of creationists.  In my case, however, I am not swayed from accepting
the account that the Creator was able to perform the task in just 7 earth
days - and acted in a very deliberate manner.  Furthermore, I've seen
nothing in my most humble observations of creation that would suggest or
demand that zillions of years have necessarily taken place since the origin
of the universe.  In fact, it is only with awe (emphasis on the
pronunciation of this word that cases ones jaw to drop to the floor) that I
can observe anything within the natural world at all - an utter awe that
always puts me in my proper position relative to my ability to understand
anything at all.


Mark Walker.

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