Identify a Moth Photo

Mike Soukup mikayak at
Tue Nov 23 10:09:11 EST 1999

Definitely a Pyralid.....of which there are, in scientific terms, a
gazillion slightly different species, many requiring genitalia
dissections.   However, on a perusal of Covell and MONA, i'll make my guess
out to be Blephoromastix ranalis - who's common name is Blephoromastix
ranalis.  See, who said I can't use "vulgar" names!!?

Gerald Mines wrote:

> Hello Leps-L subscribers,
> Can anyone identify the moth in the photo shown at the link below.  The
> moth was photographed near Miami, Florida, USA.
> Thank you,
> Gerald Mines
> Omaha, Nebraska
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