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You could start at the UK Moth Home Page of Ian Kimber at the address below.
It has links to other sites which may help. Note that if a moth has not
occurred within the British Isles it won't necessarily have been given an
English name yet, even if it is a European moth.

Ian Thirlwell

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> Hi all.
> Where to find on the Web a common (English) name table for the European
> moths? (I need to know the common name of: Watsonarctia deserta,
> franconicum, Ochrostigma velitaris, Phalera bucephaloides, Cymbalophora
> rivularis, Poecilocampa alpina, Phragmatobia caesarea, Lemonia taraxaci,
> Arctia festiva, Phyllodesma tremulifolia, Parocneria terebinthi,
> selenitica, Cymbalophora pudica, Ocneria rubea, Hyphoraia testudinaria,
> Hyphantria cunea, Spatalia argentina, Eriogaster rimicola, Drymonia
> Cerura erminea, Bombyx mori, Eriogaster catax, Dicranura ulmi).
> TIA,
> Paolo Mazzei
> mailto:mazzeip at
> Moths and Butterflies of Europe

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