yellow sulphur

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Mon Nov 29 08:43:33 EST 1999

Two _Colias philodice_ (Clouded Sulphur) were flying last Tuesday, November
23, in central NY (Clinton, Oneida Co., USA).  This was after several
frosts and one light snow, but the day was warm - upper 60's F.  Today
we're into winter and getting several inches of snow, so that is likely the
last butterfly observation of the year.  We make first observations so much
more readily than we do last observations.....


>I just saw one today in Lincoln, NE. I was quite surprised to see it fly by.
>Then again we're all a bit surprised by the great weather. Sorry, I don't
>release my Sulphurs that I raise, they have a higher calling (or lower as
>some may see it).
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>> Just curious, spotted a yellow sulphur  day before yesterday, Nov. 22,
>> in Delaware County, NY. How rare is it to see one so late?
>> ken
>> walton ny

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