cocoon ID

gwang gwang at
Thu Sep 2 21:20:35 EDT 1999

Well, you're a very lucky person because what you've found is a Monarch
butterfly (Danaus plexippus) chrysalis.

I'm pretty sure of this, but here's picture anyway:

Xi Wang

TONKA ME wrote:
>            Recently found a cocoon under one of my wooden nesting boxes ( I do
> wildlife rehab, here in Maine). Never have seen
> such a cocoon, so I'm interested in finding out what it is. It is about 1" long
> and 3/8" wide with an emerald green hard shell.
> It appears to have "gold flake" on the shell as well as a " gold stitch" around
> part of the circumference near the top. It may be common, just have never seen
> one before. I'm familiar with the birds and mammals here, unfortunately not so
> familiar with other creatures. Thanks.
>                                                            tonkame at

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