I.D. night flying Moth?

Neil Reimer nreimer at elele.peacesat.hawaii.edu
Fri Sep 3 22:06:08 EDT 1999

Except for the feathery antennae this sounds like a hummingbird moth
(family Sphingidae).  The different species range in size from 5 or so
inches down to about an inch.  There are somewhere around 125 species in N.
America.  Most fly at dusk.

Neil Reimer

Croaton <croaton at aol.com> wrote in article
<19990903215505.27471.00004202 at ng-bh1.aol.com>...
> After dusk tonight I saw in my garden a moth that is as large as a
> thumb with a wing span to match or somewhat larger.  It was hard to tell
> there were two sets of wings.  I suspect there were.  It was feeding on
> of the petunia.  It had a tongue as long as its body and antennae that
> feathered.  It appeared to have black and greenish yellow bands on its
> In profile it looked like a hummingbird and it fed in the same manner,
but this
> was no bird!  I am familiar with the Hummingbird Moth and see them in my
> during the day.  This was just before it was too dark to see.  I live in
> Illinois.  Can anyone identify this?

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