need photo of Euchaetes egle

graak birdtech at
Sat Sep 4 23:42:33 EDT 1999

graak wrote in message ...
>Hi, In the marsh today I found on a milkweed a small caterpillar 2cm at
>most. Yellow and black bristles covered the body like intertwined fingers
>making an 'X'. In a ring around the body, there were black and white
>bristles, with two black ones sticking up at the tail(?). The 'bristles'
>were very soft so maybe 'hairs' would be a better description. Any
>suggestions or help would be much appreciated.

Hi, need to find photo of Euchaetes egle. It was suggested that this might
be it but I can't find a photo using many different search engines and both
the common and real name. Other types of Euchaetes had similar features but
without the ring of b/w hairs all around. Hairs were not crossed so
perfectly along the body in the others of this type. The body on mine could
not be seen at all.

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