delayed emergence

Anthony W. Cynor acynor at
Sun Sep 5 20:50:49 EDT 1999

That would be an interesting study but there seems to be a trend in a
lot of places this year for delayed emergence and deformities possibly
related to weather.  Delays can be a month or more here in coastal S.
California with many Papilio going into early diapause.  Unusually cool
weather most of the summer.


Nick Bowles wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> there seems some evidence this year that a few individuals of several
> species (here in the UK) have delayed emergence and eventually emerged
> up to 2 weeks after they normally have finished a brood.  Essentially
> species normally ending broods in late June were seen in mid July.
> Does anyone know of any study of the ability of larvae to delay their
> development in response to adverse conditions?  It is worth saying
> that overall temperatures in May and June, were probably higher than
> usual but there was less sunshine in many places.  Is a percentage of
> each species able to delay until better weather?
> Best wishes,
> Nick Bowles
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