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In 1972 a Monarch was captured by boy scouts of Troop 117 on the summit of
Mt. Whitney - elevation above 14,000 ft.  It was flying as if intoxicated,
but was there none the less.  It was a proud specimen in one of my Riker
mounts for years - far from perfect, but with a great story.

Mark Walker.

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> > On Saturday, September 4 at 6:00pm I was at the Observation 
> Deck on the 49th
> > floor of the Carew Tower in Cincinnati, Ohio and I saw a 
> Monarch at that
> > height flying around.  Did not see a tag and did not see if 
> it was Male or
> > Female.  Did not appear wore out.  Surprise to see a 
> Monarch flying at that
> > altitude.
> Prof. David Gibo at the University of Toronto has documented 
> that monarchs routinely soar 
> hundreds of feet in the air during their southward fall 
> migration - especially during tail wind 
> conditions. He also wrote a paper about how glider pilots 
> (such as himself) sometimes see 
> monarchs thousands of feet in the air.
> Paul Cherubini

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