e-mail adress.

Keith Jones Keithjones.Athome at btinternet.com
Wed Sep 8 12:06:55 EDT 1999

That is a load of Crap.
The E mail address is Server independent. You should be able to keep your
old address. I suggest you complain to BBC watchdog or OFTEL.

I will set you up  Bigfoot address.

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> Hi, for some unknown strange reason. NTL who I subscribe with, have
> to a new server, I can stay with the old server but it is at present
> unreliable. So they have told me I must take up a new package i.e.
> television and free internet, it is still going to cost me the same
> Anyway I cannot keep my e-mail address. What a pain in the backside,. I
> forward the new address ASAP.. But watch this space...
> Ceri. Jones.
> Barry Vale of Glamorgan.
> http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/uk-leps
> http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Andes/7805/index.html

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