Classification of Lycaenidae

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Tue Sep 14 14:56:42 EDT 1999


Wile I'm working on a database that contains a classification of the
Lepidoptera, I'm trying to figure out the classification of lycaenidae from
family to genus level. Leraut, 1997 treats them as two subfamilies
(Riodininae and Lycaeninae), where Lycaeninae is further divided into
several tribes. The other authors I read divided the family in several more
(probably Leraut's tribes promoted to subfamily level) subfamilies. I'm not
really familiar with Lycaenidae, and the only work I found mentioned that
deals with Lycaenid higher classification is 'Eliot, J.N., 1973 : The higher
classification of the Lycaenidae, a tentative arrangement.'

This is 17 years old, is it still actual ?
I found I can still order it, can you recommend it ?


Anne, I crossed my fingers and knocked on wood, I sincerely hope it helps.


Guy Van de Poel
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