Fwd: storm

Anne Kilmer viceroy at gate.net
Thu Sep 16 11:41:48 EDT 1999

We apologize for the inconvenience. 
A hurricane is basically heat, water and kinetic motion. Remove one
ingredient and the others go away. So when We cooled down the hurricane,
all the water fell out, and it slowed down. 
Naturally We knew this was going to happen, and we're sorry y'all are
unhappy with it. Would you really have preferred 145 mph winds? That
would have taken out all the condos up the coast, cleaned out Florida
and relieved Our feelings considerable, but We refrained out of
deference to your wishes. 
If you guys prayed all the time like you've been praying this week ...
but never mind that now. You did reach Us in time to avoid a worse
We'd still like to give Chesapeake Bay a good cleanout, and maybe tweak
a few more rivers. If you will kindly stay the hell out of the water and
off the roads, the Darwin Awards handed out will be fewer. But there
will be enough idiots and heroes to clog Heaven's gates, as always, and
they'll be hard to tell apart. 
We like them all, if you want the truth. Keeps us interested. 
As for all the soggy monarch butterflies currently flying backwards very
fast, I designed them for that, and they can handle it. 
Any time it looks like you folks can handle the air conditioning and the
plumbing in this place, by golly, We'll hand them over. Meanwhile, a
hurricane is like a sneeze. When you gotta, you gotta.
And We ain't impressed by your plumbing efforts so far, if you ask Us. 
Yours Truly 

Forwarded by Anne Kilmer
South Florida

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