Need to ID a fat green caterpillar for kid's project!

jaynine captainj9 at
Thu Sep 16 18:25:46 EDT 1999

I've been trying to see which caterpillar this is to ID for my kid's
project, but I can't find caterpillar pics; only mature moths and
butterflies! It's fat and light-green, with short hairs spaced at long
intervals along its "accordion"-shaped figure. It has a smallish brown
head and brown 'feet' in front, the back legs being mostly green.It has
pale, very thin vertical stripes widely spaced along its body, with a
very small brown spot within each stripe.

I'm assuming this is a Lepidoptera larva, but, in any case, I would
appreciate it if anyone can tell me what it is. (It was found crossing
the street, so habitat is not a clue!) 


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