Can Moths see Infrared?

Rev Chuck cdub at
Fri Sep 17 04:21:23 EDT 1999

Mosquitos use infrared radiation to locate their dinner.  

bob hoffman wrote:
> I have several cheap TV cameras mounted around the property which I use
> to keep an eye on the local wildlife and juvenile deliqienents. I
> provide illumination for the cameras at night with several strings of
> infrared LED's powered by the same 12 volt supply as the cameras.Each of
> these LED arrays will illuminate to about 60 feet from the cameras at a
> wavelength of 880 nm. This arrangement also illuminates any moths or
> other insects which flies through the infrared illumination. Most of
> these moths fly directly through the infrared illumination probably
> unaware they are illuminated. I have observed one species which when
> entering the infrared field will make an abrupt 180 degree turn and fly
> away from the light source back along its original course. As the
> cameras are of medoicre quality, I can only see a somewhat blurry inage
> of the insect, which looks like some type of moth, as it performs its
> evasive manuver. I only see these insects in the spring and early
> summer. I am located in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. I know
> moths can see some ultraviolet as well as visible light, but I was
> unaware some could detect infrared. Does anyone know of this ability in
> moths (or other flying insect) and posibly what species it may be?

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