butterfly releases

Anthony Cynor acynor at fullerton.edu
Thu Sep 23 09:42:43 EDT 1999


Who is releasing biologically engineered butterflies?  While certainly
possible I know of no one ate present even researching this. Besides I
warned everybody of a troll attack would produce the present firestorm.


Michael Gochfeld wrote:

> The issue of Butterfly Releases seems to get revisited annually with
> about the same result.
> But in response to some recent posts one could turn the questions
> around. Why should one have to prove that they are harmful instead of
> putting the onus on those who profit from the releases and should have
> to prove that they are not harmful.
> After all, this is the approach most people would like to see used with
> biologically engineered organisms.  Why not with butterflies.
> M. Gochfeld

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