sick monarchs - Help!!!

Anthony W. Cynor acynor at
Sat Sep 25 22:10:58 EDT 1999

I have seen this problem with butterflies recently and don't know why it
is happening.  Possibly environmentally related.  If you have a suitable
cage keep them and feed them with split white grapes for a few days and
see if they gain strength.  Sometimes this works and over ripe mango
works also. You may need to uncoil the proboscis with a smooth tooth
pick or small nail to feed them.  They usually begin feeding in 24 to 48

Best Wishes


niemannim wrote:
> -I have hatched about 20 monarchs this fall in S.C. and have five so far
> that do not have strength to fly no pesticides involved  as far as I can
> tell.  They have no problems when they hatch, but don't have muscle
> strength.  Any ideas? I'm on the East coast flyway and have been
> raising  Monarchs and other large North American butterflies here for
> twenty years and haven't ever seen this problem. Thank you for any
> ideas.

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