Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Mon Sep 27 07:33:53 EDT 1999

I agree.  If a tree can "flower" or be "flowering" then it can "fruit" 
or be "fruiting".  

I tried to extend the analogy to "nectaring", but it didn't quite work. 
Piscivorous birds can "fish" meaning to "catch fish" but they have to 
"eat fish". Similarly nectarivorous birds "sip nectar". On the other 
hands insect-eating birds often "flycatch", even though the verb "to 
flycatch" is probably not in the style manual either.  Yet flycatching 
is a very clearly defined behavior. 

But language changes as Sally points out, so we just have to bombar 
editors with our neologisms until they became accepted. 

M. Gochfeld

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