"LE FARFALLE DIURNE D'ITALIA" (Italian Diurnal Butterflies)

Massimo Migliorini migliorinim at unisi.it
Mon Sep 27 09:54:48 EDT 1999

Dear Entomologist,
	I should like to inform you that, since we have purchased the exclusive
publishing rights, before the end of 1999 we shall be publishing in
anastatic copy the work by Dr. Ruggero Verity entitled "LE FARFALLE DIURNE
D'ITALIA" (Italian Diurnal Butterflies) with an introduction by Prof.
Emilio Balletto of the University of Turin (Italy).

	The historic edition, originally published in limited edition between 1940
and 1953 is structured as follows:

	vol. I-II: 	Hesperidae, Lycaenidae, Riodinidae;
	vol. III: 	Papilionidae, Pieridae;
	vol. IV: 	Libytheidae, Danaidae, Apaturidae e Nymphalidae
	vol. V: 	Satyridae

and includes 100 tables, of which 74 in colour, showing most of the species
of Italian Lepidoptera Ropalocera.
"LE FARFALLE DIURNE D'ITALIA" (Italian Diurnal Butterflies) is without
doubt the most important scientific contribution in the sphere of diurnal
lepidoptera ever realised in the italian language.

	The price of the complete work will be 1.100 U.S.D. including delivery
costs. If you think you might be interested in this opportunity to purchase
a copy, you can send me your formal reservation, and you will be contacted
later to clarify the details of times and payment.

	I would ask you to communicate your decision to one of the following
electronic mail addesses:

				migliorinim at unisi.it

				sfera at dada.it

LARIS s.a.s di Paolo Dondoli
via XXV Aprile, 42
53034 Colle Val d'Elsa (SI) Italy

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