Convolvulus Hawk Moths in UK

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>In addition to this one I would like to report a capture on 10.9.99 in North
>Wales using a MV light trap.
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>> Convolvulus Hawk-moths taken at mercury vapour light in my garden trap
>> overlooking the sea on the Lizard in Cornwall on the 11th and 12th.
>> Robin Howard
>> Walter Schön wrote in message <7red77$olu$1 at>...
>> >Hello,
>> >
>> >I had a Convolvulus Hawk-moth last Thursday at  evening primerose
>> (Oenothera
>> >biennis) in my garden !
>> >
>> >Walter Schoen
>> >

My first posting to the group!
A friend was brought one for identification on 22/9, which
had been found in a private garage in Stamford, Lincs.
Our local entomolgist recorder took photograhs and logged
it for the Natural History Society's records.

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