Hemileuca hunt #3

James J. Kruse kruse at nature.berkeley.edu
Mon Sep 27 17:33:48 EDT 1999

Hello again,

This time I drove 1200 miles in 41 hours. How much coffee and Coke can you
drink in 41 hours?


Hemileuca electra 'mojavensis' 	25+ in about 90 minutes.

CA: San Bernardino County
North base of Ord Mountain
Roundup Way at the top of rise about 1 mile east of jct with Kiowa drive.
25 SEP 1999
Hemileuca electra 'clio'  (2)

AZ: Mohave County
About 8 miles NW of Kingman on Hwy 93 at jct Agua Fria Rd.
25 SEP 1999
Note: saw several egg rings on Eriogonum fasciculatum at this same
locality on 5 NOV 1998.
Hemileuca electra 'clio' (2)

AZ: Mohave County
About 5 miles NW of Kingman on Hwy 93 at jct Hwy 68
25 SEP 1999
Helicopter nigrum (3) everywhere I turned. Following me. ;->

Other wildlife notes:  I checked out an old H. burnsi locality near
Oatman, AZ, that is a VERY neat little town. Burros (5), and tourists (7)
with cameras posing with them, blocking the road about 2 miles south of

Oh, and

>is this the same Neil Jones who viciously attacked some poor Mr. Kruse
>when I first started with the internet thing
>Rene Boutin

I probably deserved it, I really don't remember. Posting often enough on a
list this large and diverse will get you flamed occasionally, deserved or
not. However, there has been some real blind-siding going on lately that
exceeds past levels, at least in my opinion.

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