need help for raising butterflies

K.J.Caley Kevin.Caley at
Wed Sep 29 08:09:58 EDT 1999


It would help if you told us what species this was - as so many species
are host-plant specific in the larval stage, you could have a disaster
on your hands if the ID is wrong.  As to how to keep specimens (other
than the food plant), I have had a great deal of success with two
methods - one is simply using an empty fish tank, with the bottom
covered in (previously sterilised) compost, in which the vase / pot
sits, and then cover the top of the tank with muslin, or a simple 'stick
and muslin' affair surrounding a pot.  As it's a native, you won't have
to worry so much with altering temperatures, etc.,  but I must
re-emphaisze that knowing the species (and then the food plant) should
be high on your priority list.

Hope that this helps,


Pedro wrote:
>         hi, my name is Pedro, i'm 17 and live in Brazil. Last week a
> butterfly was landed on my room's wall for a long time. after she went
> away i noticed that she had left 5 little yellow eggs on my wall. I'm
> quite interested in taking care of these specimens till they become
> actual butterflies, but i've no idea how to do it. can someone please
> help me? i'll be very grateful and promise to send pictures of their
> development!
> thanks
> Pedro

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