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I'm sure you are already aware, but I thought I'd just mention not to take
anything coming from our friend Neil Jones too personally.  As you can see
from his language, he can be incredibly arrogant and presumptious.  First of
all, why having a differing opinion with him automatically makes one an
"anti-conservationist" is totally beyond me.  Terms like "the opposition"
reveal that he believes he is engaged in some sort of battle.  He is quick
to mention how long anyone has been participating on this list - as if that
is some sort of credibility assessment.  You'll also find that he is quick
to insult one based on a subjective assessment of their Web skills, or the
degree to which he thinks they have been paying attention.
I don't know anything about Neil Jones outside of the way he deals with
people on this list.  He may be God's gift to the natural world as far as
conservation goes, but I'm not too impressed by his lack of graciousness
when it comes to dealing with people.
Personally, I have to let certain things he says bounce right off.  Then, I
find, we really can all get along just fine.
Mark Walker.

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The reason why I refrained from posting Rogers recent e-mails to me was to
not continue to spread that type of language over the list.  If you don't
believe me, please e-mail me privately and I will send you the messages I
got from Roger in complete and then you can decide for yourself what my
motives are.

As far as your accusations of me being an "anti-conservationist," I find
this rather strange.  I am sorry if I have offended you our any one on this
list, but I don't know what I have ever done to you (I don't even know you,
nor you me) to receive that unsolicited title.  

I believe whole heardetly in science and making solid conclusions based on
fact and I love butterflies.  I am usually not quick to react to alarmist
statements and therefore may come across as being one who does not espouse
some of the common threads of conservation.  But nevertheless, I don't
believe I have earned your quick accusations as to my character.

I do not apologize for my own opinions.  I try to support them with facts.
But, I don't go around making accusations and false labels on those who
disagree with me.  I would appreciate being treated only in the same manner
in which I treat others.

Yes, I am new to this list, but I am rather surprised at the hatred being
shown to those who have differing views.  Have I made any personal attacks
or accusations to you or any other person on this list?  If this is a
private club, then please excuse me and I will exit the list.  But, if this
list is composed of people who want to learn about lepidoptera and keep open
minds to the truth, then please count me in.


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