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Most collections can be maintained "bug free" by having a combination of (1)
high quality drawers or boxes that will not admit adult pests through
cracks; (2) place all drawers and boxes in a household deep freeze for 48
hours (rotating them through until all have been done, put them in plastic
garbage bags to prevent external condensation after removing them from the
freezer); and (3) freeze all new specimens before putting them in the
drawers or boxes (re-freeze existing specimens if they have been left
sitting out in the open). In temperate areas at least no fumigants are
required. I have no experience with maintaining collections in tropical
areas, but they may still require fumigants because of the higher levels of

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>Hi List,
>        I have come by about 50cc of pure dichlorovos. Can anyone
>suggest what
>dilutant I should use to bring it down to the concentration present in
>Vapona sticks? I intent to use it on small pieces of cottonwool (one
>drop per cabinet box). Thanks
>Paul sammut
>pasammut at dream.vol.net.mt

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