cocaine feeders

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Sun Apr 9 04:23:35 EDT 2000

Neil Jones wrote:
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> > Please could someone assist in my project be passing on information about
> > butterflys which live and feed on the Erythroxylum coca or its close
> > relatives.
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> > Thanks very much
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> > Jamie O'Connell
> The larvae of butterfly species in the genus Agrias feed on plants of this
> genus.
> I do have concerns that GM technlogy is apparently being developed to
> kill the Coca plants. I hope for the sake of the butterflies that
> the ecological effects of releasing such novel organisms are fully
> assesed FIRST.

Note also that cocaine is the pain killer of first choice for certain eye 
and nose surgeries.  Coca leaves are the main ingredient after water and 
sugar in cola beverages -- are Coca Cola and Pepsico aware of this bizarre 

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