Monarch Butterfly Sightings Wanted

Donald Davis donald.davis at
Mon Apr 10 16:57:34 EDT 2000

Thanks to those who so generously forward their monarch butterfly
sightings to this writer, or to Journey North or to The Monarch Watch.
Please keep forwarding your "first" sightings of adults, eggs or larva.
Western sightings also welcomed.

Monarchs are continuing to head northward: "Saw my first monarch (or
monarchs) of the year in Brasstown, NC, on 4/6/00.  The second and third
sightings, later that same day, I got good looks through binoculars..
That butterfly, definitely a female, was quite bright--much more like
fall  monarchs."

Don't forget to include details in your reports (ie. date of sighting,
name of observer, name of town or city, your e-mail address, and details
of the sighting)

Please remember that over 4500 classrooms in Canada and U.S.A. are
benefiting from the data you share.

Has anyone had a look at the new monarch butterfly workbook for
children? Go to  to see the cover and sample
page. It's an excellent study tool at a reasonable price.

Don Davis
Toronto, ON

Temperature about freezing,
and it's snowing!!!

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