Something I wonder about...about moths

WWS wschmidt at
Sun Apr 16 09:05:48 EDT 2000

Culturally Sensitive Ed wrote:
> Infinity at (Captain Infinity) writes:
> >Why are moth wings powdered?
>      One of the things I remember from my high school advanced biology
> class (which I flunked), is that moths belong to the order lepidoptera,
> meaning "scale wing."  And isn't what appears to be a powdery-like
> substance actually the itty bitty aforementioned scales on said wings?

That can't be right, because than the moths wings would be
leathery, and they'd have to be huge to support the weight,
say 25 ft across, and they'd have these big heads and little
feet and make this horrible scream like those weird birds I
ran into out in that old canyon once.  But that was during 
the day so they can't be moths, because they dint try to fly
into the sun or anything.

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