First sightings...

Runar Krogen rkrogen at
Thu Apr 20 13:55:07 EDT 2000

Another report from "northern division", Norway, 63.5 degrees latitude.

Aglais urticae is reported since 9. April. It has been seen sparce since
then, but probably on the wing already late March. During the last days it
has localy been totally outnumbered by Polygonia c-albun, which so far
seems to have a good year here at its northwestern distribution limit.
Moths come frequently to lights.

Runar Krogen

> From: Kenelm Philip <fnkwp at>
> To: leps-l at
> Subject: First sightings...
> Date: 16. april 2000 05:39
> 	On 13 April, I saw three _Nymphalis antiopa_ (Mourning Cloak)
> flying near Fairbanks, Alaska. Temperature was 50F. Judging by the
> conditions at that site, my guess is that they had been out at least
> since 11 April. From 1966 to the present, first sightings for this
> species here have ranged from 5 April to 25 April--so this is a bit
> earlier than average. 
> 							Ken Philip
> fnkwp at

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