Curve-Lined Owlet?

Troy Bartlett bartlett at
Thu Apr 20 22:54:19 EDT 2000

Take a look at the caterpillars in these photos I took last fall:
Incidentally, I posted those photos here at the time, and didn't
get any responses on what they might be.

Like the latter page says, the second one I found was
eating a greenbriar so I brought it home and left it caged outside.
At some point it disappeared, so I assumed it pupated.
This morning I found a moth in the cage and I've identified
it as a Curve-Lined Owlet, Phyprosopus callitrichoides.

My question is, does anyone have any resources that
describe the larvae for the moth I found. The cage was
large, and I can't be sure this moth came from the caterpillar
I put in there. There might have been other pupae in the
leaf litter in the cage.

I have Covell's Eastern Moths, which doesn't describe
the caterpillar, but doesn't confirm the foodplant as
greenbriars. I also have Holland's Moths, which has no
index entry for that species (maybe it changed names?).

I'm just an amateur, but I enjoy being able to identify
the things I find. Thanks for any help.
Troy Bartlett
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