Unknown Midwestern Moths

Don Lafontaine burnbank at sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 21 08:25:16 EDT 2000


I saw the response from Mike Soukup and he did pretty well but his numbering
doesn't seem to match the numbers I see.

1    Noctuidae:  Noctua pronuba. Introduced at Halifax about 1979 and now
spread at least to Wisc. and Louisiana!
2.   Noctuidae:  Psaphida rolandi (formerly in the genus Eutolype but moved to
Psaphida in Bob Pooles Cuculliinae revidion in MONA).
3    Geometridae:  Nacrophora quernaria (Mike 's #2)
4    Noctuidae:  Papaipema leucostigma
5    Geometridae:  Haematopis grataria (Mike's #3)
6    Noctuidae:  Magusa orbifera. A subtropical migrant the moves into the
northern States and southern Canada irregularly in the fall.
7    Geometridae:  Phigalia titea
8    Notodontidae:  Gluphisia avimacula
9    Noctuidae:  Apamea devastator (formerly Crymodes devastator)
10  Noctuidae:  Acronicta impleta
11  Geometridae: I have no books here at home and I can't remember the name of
this Geo. but if no one else tells you you can contact me at work next week for
a name at "LafontaineD at EM.AGR.CA"
12  Noctuidae: unknown. This is in very poor shape but the habitus is like a
dark Papaipema (e.g. Papaipema unimoda) It and # 4 are both males so if you can
get the rear end under a dissecting scope and use a very small artists brush to
remove the scales covering the genitalia you should be able to compare them and
13  Geometridae:  Eupithecia ravocostaliata. Our most distinctive Eupithecia in
a genus that otherwise usually means dissection for identification.

Don Lafontaine

Kurt Jacobs wrote:

> I have a group of 13 moths collected in Green Bay, Wisconsin from 1998 that
> I have had some trouble in identifying.  If anyone is up to the challenge,
> thank you for your help in advance.  Click the link below to go to my
> website and then choose the UNKNOWNS link in the left frame to bring up the
> scan of the unknown moths.
> http://www.home.earthlink.net/~morphidae/home.html
> Kurt Jacobs

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