Light Traps and Killing Agents

Chris J. Durden drdn at
Fri Apr 21 09:45:09 EDT 2000

Be very careful with Vapona. Some people (like myself) have experienced
agitation and disturbing mood-swings after using it. It is a mood-altering

At 03:33  21/04/00 +0000, you wrote:
>Leroy wrote:
>> Vapona does not knock down insects very well unless you use several
pounds of
>> the stuff. It will also attack the plastic and damage metal components that
>> are not stainless steel or aluminum. Vapona is not healthy.
>It's true that it takes 15-45 minutes to see a moth knockdown and kill
with Vapona
>unless high concentrations are used. On the other hand, adult leps will
>die from even tiny exposures to Vapona vapor. Using small
>amounts will prevent the side effects you observed.
>Paul Cherubini
>Vapona salesman

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