Antheraea polyphemus colour forms

Kurt Jacobs morphidae at
Sat Apr 22 13:40:28 EDT 2000

I know three forms from the United States because they are shown in MONA
fascicle 20.2B (Douglas Ferguson)

A. polyphemus oculea - found around Arizona and New Mexico - large, and has
some distinctions on the underside.

A. polyphemus polyphemus - Very widely distributed in North America

A. polyphemus olivacea - Found around Colorado and Utah - ochreous-yellow

Kurt Jacobs

"gwang" <gwang at> wrote in message
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> Hi y'all,
> Does anyone know the names of the colour forms of Antheraea polyphemus,
> or where I should look to find them?
> I already checked in The Wild Silk Moths of North America by Tuskes et
> al., but it only gives the name for the yellow form.
> TIA,
> Xi Wang

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