Curve-Lined Owlet?

Thomas Eichlin TEichlin at
Mon Apr 24 13:37:24 EDT 2000


Yes, your caterpillar and adult are the same, Phyprosopus callitrichoides.  I reared adults of this moth from caterpillars feeding on green briar many years ago in Alabama.  I marveled at the remarkable camouflage of the larva in the vines.  For a description of the caterpillar see:  S. E. Crumb, 1956, The larvae of the Phalaenidae, USDA Tech. Bull. No. 1135:328.

>>> "Troy Bartlett" <bartlett at> 04/22/00 02:13PM >>>
Oops, I meant to say that Covell does confirm the foodplant.
Does anyone have something that describes the larvae?
I'm hoping the description will be consistent with my photos.


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