Moth I.D.

D Marven marven at
Sun Apr 30 15:03:56 EDT 2000

Hi guys
Over the last 3 years i have put together a major collection of moth
slides, most of all pictures were taken in the Duncan, Vancouver Island
B.C. Canada. area and were taken around the local malls which have their
outside lights on all night. If any of you out there are interested in
helping me I.D. these species over a period of time i will gladly post
the pictures to you, this will of course have to be conducted under the
strictist guidlines and i would prefer to work with someone from the
B.C. Alberta area. 
This project will help to identify our local species before our
provincial goverment wipes them all out with their spraying of the
killer BTK which they seem hell bent on imposeing on us. 
I do not know much about moths and a lot of the websites out there show
mounted specimens i find it hard to tell what species i have as my
pictures are all of live specimens and they appear much different.
If your interested please contact me privately and i will choose the
person that i wish to deal with. Thankyou Derrick

Derrick Marven
Duncan B.C.

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