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Sharyn Fernandez butterflies at
Tue Aug 1 18:49:41 EDT 2000

Yes -
I'll say the "world is not yet ready to eliminate pesticides", but I'm glad
to see there is a more pronounced effort to - if not go "organic" (I dont'
want to try to define that at this time)entirely -  to  work towards
Integrated Pest Management (or IPM) . But I suppose that can debated as far
as if it benefits "people" mainly, or "bugs" and to what extent and


PS - I talked to my V. cardui supplier today and they blamed their
contaminated larvae on a "mold" (that I hear might be that virus...?) that
had developed in the nutrient media when one of their refrigerators
(freezers?) gave out but apparently still used because someone didn't
realize it had a power failure...

Sharyn Fernandez, Concord CA

Butterflies & Botany

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