identification of a lepidoptera species

Gary Anweiler Edmonton Alberta Canada gganweiler at
Tue Aug 1 18:46:48 EDT 2000

Not much to go on, but I would bet it is a Flower Moth - probably Schinia or
Eutricopis nexilis.
Should be pictures on the Moths of North America Wed site.  Then again

Garrytrust <garrytrust at> wrote in message
news:20000801155743.01621.00000049 at
> I have  a moth on butterfly collected early June  on a Rosy Pussytoes(
> Antennaria rosea) flower growing in the floodplain of the North Fork of
> Flathead River, Montana. The speciman is rose and white wings and blends
> perfectly on the flower. Its body length measures 8mm long. I thing it is
> moth based on the structure of the antennae. Can anyone identify this
> Thank you!

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