Butterfly odors...

Cris Guppy & Aud Fischer cguppy at quesnelbc.com
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Many swallowtails I have sniffed smelled great (various western N. Amer.
species). I have never decided whether the scent is produced by the
swallowtail or picked up from the flowers. There may be an opportunity for
perfume manufacturers here (think of the advertising opportunities
associated with butterflies and flowers!). I think sulphurs (Colias) may
worth a sniff as well, although it has been a long time since I tried it.

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> Hello all...
> Once a few years back, I remember a good friend of mine in Louisiana told
> to smell a tiger swallowtail (Papilio glaucus). Of course I thought he was
> kidding, but of course I went out there and tried it, and it smelled just
> like the popular breakfast cereal "Fruit Loops!!" Another fellow told me
> smell an Aporia craetegi, and even having been caught 20+ years before, it
> still had a scent like that of a common thing (I forget what it is
> Of course it was still papered, I'm sure a spread specimen would lose it's
> scent. I was just wondering what other butterflies are out there that bear
> familiar scents? I would be very interested in knowing of any other
> Lepidopterans to smell. And to the rest of you, take a whiff of the next
> tiger swallowtail you encounter!
> Thanks,
> Randy

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