Brenne, France

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Wed Aug 2 05:12:35 EDT 2000

Bastiaan Notebaert wrote:

> On a ten day field trip to the natural parc of the Brenne, departement
> Indre, France, I had following species: Papilio machaon
> (koninginnepage)
> ........
> Leptidea morsei (boswitje)
> ....
> Ochlodes venata (groot dikkopje)
> Remarkable is the appearance of L. reducta in every little forest, and
> the absence of L. camilla!
> Bastiaan Notebaert
> Gent, Belgium

Leptidea morsei is an East-European species ; it was probably L.

Around Paris during the last week of June, we observed rather worn
Limenitis camilla, whereas L. reducta just began to fly. In the warmer
Brenne in July the flying period of camilla was probably over.

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