Re; Butterfly odors

Eleaner R Adams eradams1 at
Wed Aug 2 22:21:12 EDT 2000

The first butterfly I noticed that had a marvelous odor was Euchioe
olympia.  When
I  smelled the first one I thought well maybe it is only this specimen.
I smelled the
next one I caught and it smelled the same.  The only other butterfly I
have noticed
specifically smelling pleasantly is Papilio polyxenes.  I also at first
wondered whether the black swallowtail had  picked up the scent from the
flowers it had visited.  After a while I began to doubt this because the
scent always seemed to be the same and every black swallowtail I caught
surely could not have been visiting the same flowers.
    If you want to smell a lovely smelling butterfly, try Echloe

Eleaner Adams
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