Only Leps are listed?

Mark Walker MWalker at
Thu Aug 3 10:55:07 EDT 2000

>From the Permit-L listserve, Mike Carpenter of USFWS recently wrote:

For example, birdwing butterflies and
scleractinian corals are listed and both are greatly
threatened by collecting from the wild.  However, there are
no listed species in any insect family other than
lepidoptera and I would suggest that the invertebrate folks
review the CITES Appendices to find out what a small portion
of inverts are actually listed by CITES.

I confess, I've never reviewed the CITES literature (although it's taking up
hard disk space).  Can anyone explain to me, assuming the above is true, why
only leps have been considered?  What sort of bias does this imply?

Mark Walker

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