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wanda be496 at
Thu Aug 3 15:46:38 EDT 2000

I am confused re: the nomenclature of a couple? of species.
Any help by someone more knowledgable or knowing of a study or update on
Giant-Skippers.....would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! 

Both Agathymus remingtoni and A. estellae are on the new Mexican skipper
list (Warren '00) with no ssp. listed.  
Scott has valverdiensis as a subspecies of remingtoni in U.S. w/ssp
remingtoni ranging to central Mexico.  

Neck has valverdiensis as ssp. of estellae.(no pix)

Opler (western Peterson) doesn't give ssp, but shows aprx. same
distribution for remingtoni as Necks distribution and Wright's
illustration (in W.Pete) is similar to that protrayed in Scott though
more delicately marked.

Just to confuse the issue:

NABA ('92) has remingtoni including ssp. valverdiensis as "Coahuila
Giant-Skipper" as does Scott ('86).   (for record, understand NABA list
is being updated and out by end of year)

Neck ('96) references A. estellae valverdiensis as "Brown Bullet."

Opler ('99) references his different remingtoni as "Coahuila G/S."

Understand Scott isn't online, Opler & Warren unavailable, & Neck either
ill or gone....

I'm guessing that ssps. valverdiensis and remingtoni have been split,
and valverdiensis is either ssp of estellae or a replacement... but??   
Again, ANY HELP appreciated.


Wanda Dameron  
L.A.NABA, Lep Soc, ATL etc.

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