Papilio glaucus diapause?

James Hanlon jfhanlon at
Fri Aug 4 05:57:43 EDT 2000

It does shed some light. The pupa is in a place that is not all that bright.
I will move it and see what happens.



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     James, my son and I have reared many papilio species and our
observations have been that extended periods of light and not necessarily
heat is the key factor in speeding up the emergence of chrysalises. Many
years ago we did a little experimenting with papilio oregonius and were able
to get emergence down to a period of about one week from the point of
     This was achieved simply by keeping the chrysalises in room heated at
about 75 deg f. and keeping the light consistently on until emergence. The
same quick emergence time was not achieved  when  the room was at the same
temperature and the hours of light reduced by approximately  fifty percent.

   Hope this sheds some "light" on your situation.

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