DDT a problem of 30-50 years ago?

Patrick Foley patfoley at csus.edu
Fri Aug 4 11:21:29 EDT 2000

    Many studies (including some of those cited by junkscience.com) have shown
some elevation in cancer and other health risk to humans due to DDT exposure. The
EPA lists DDT as a probable carcinogen. It is extremely persistent in animal
tissues and the environment. Given this evidence, most sane people would
discourage the production and use of DDT unless there were no better alternatives
for mosquito abatement. And most sane people do.
    But the main reason DDT is an environmental problem is its effects on bird
reproduction. Does Paul Cherubini wish to argue that bird populations are
unaffected by DDT exposure?

Patrick Foley
patfoley at csus.edu

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