Bush Sucks, Vote GREEN

Rob & Ryan lepidopterists at home.com
Sun Aug 6 12:59:47 EDT 2000

    For those that are still not aware of what exactly a science, biology,
entomology, lepedoptera news site is? It's just that, the exchange of
information related to these topics. I'm quite sure that there are news
groups that revolve around political banter and the people associated with
these groups would be quite happy to here what you have to say. (maybe).

    As for myself I log on to this site to hear from people with interests
related to the topics this site was designed for and do not appreciate
having to weed through messages that are so far removed from these topics.
Maybe if I sent a long winded message to one of these political news groups
relating to the wing structure of  manduca quincumaculata  they might say
who the hell cares and why did they send this message here? You get my
point, So in the future please only send  messages that are related to the
topics the site was designed for.

                                       Rob Vandermoor
                                       B.C. Canada

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